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The Great War Simulator is a death match instigated by Jibril against 『 』 during the Sugoroku game, created by the "task" she set up. Her goal was to force Sora's party to hand over all dices and let her win the Sugoroku game, out of the fear of losing her memories and identity by losing her dices.


  • Each players will control their respective races and participate in the recreated Great War. 『 』 will control the Immanity, whereas Jibril will control the Flügels, Artosh and Avant Heim.
  • 『 』 shall restore Jibril's dices to 10 before the game begins.
  • The player who get the opponent's capital destroyed wins.
  • When the player's capital is destroyed, they shall commit suicide.
  • Players are allowed to forfeit, but doing is considered a loss.
  • The loser is liable to give the winner all his/her dices.
  • If Jibril wins, 『 』 shall tell Jibril "the conditions to win the Sugoroku".


The players can control their respective race by writing commands on provided paper and tossing them into the "command box", down to a specific unit. They are able to see everything visible to their units on a world map laid out in front of them. The players are also allowed to shift the location of their capital, as long as their units are able to carry that out.

As 1 second in real time equates to 8 hours in game, the players have to act really quickly. All units are sentient and are capable of carrying out actions in their own will when they are not given instructions. The game will end automatically when 72 hours passes, due to the time limit for "tasks".


Desperate Jibril

During the beginning of the Sugoroku game, Jibril had the idea of utilizing the Tasks to set up a recreated Great War and challenge 『 』, in order to find out how Immanity survived and ended the war. However, as the Sugoroku game begin, she realized that she will lose her memories when she lose her dices, since her body and soul is indistinguishable due to being a "Life" Ixseed.

Afraid of losing memories of 『 』 that she holds dear, she challenged 『 』 into this seemingly impossible game with both their lives on stake, intending to have them forfeit and and give her all dices. In her own words, she knew 『 』 could continue to live even after losing all dices, while she'd rather die than to lose her identity. Of course, 『 』 were not people that would give up without a fight.

During the game, 『 』 figured out that it is possible to indirectly manipulate other races by some experiments. However, their meddling unintentionally led to an all-out war involving multiple races, which ended abruptly when Jibril launched indiscriminate attacks upon the main battle field. Jibril decided that since 『 』 were manipulating other races behind the scene, the best course of action is to eliminate all races, leaving them nobody to manipulate. This worked in the beginning, but eventually backfired -- all races saw the Flügels as the main threat and ganged up against them. Eventually, Flügel units were mostly eliminated and Avant Heim was surrounded.

When Jibril was about to accept her fate, 『 』 transferred their capital to Avant Heim showed up in front of her. 『 』 revealed their plan: drag the game out until the 72 hours time limit. Using Jibril's command sheet, they instructed Artosh to suicide and had Avant Heim sent out a taunt on behalf of Immanity. The taunt caused mistrust to spread among the alliance, causing them to fire their ultimate weapons against each other and resulted in mutual annihilation. Avant Heim, their now-shared capital, crash-landed amidst the resulting eternal storm of Black Ash, isolated from the outside world.

Are we going to fail again...?

By pulling strings behind the scene, 『 』 forced the war into a standstill, which worked well until the Lunamana intervened. By crashing the Red Moon into the planet surface, they caused multiple races to go extinct and changed the power balance. 『 』 were forced to expose and sacrifice their cities one by one in order to prevent a direct attack upon the capital. Despite all their effort, all cities except the capital were destroyed and they were surrounded. When all hope seems lost, they were visited by a pair of mysterious figures. This gave them the idea of sending a message to Ex-Machina, asking them to "end it all", which they complied by obliterating everything around the capital. As the time limit was reached, the game ended with no result and Jibril handed over all her dices.


  • It was strongly implied that they met the spirits of Riku and Schwi during the final moments of the game, when they were under siege and out of options. The scene was even drawn in the illustrations.
  • Sora claimed that this is the first ever loss for 『 』.

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