The Former King of Imanity (前国王(ぜんこくおう), Zen Kokuō) is Steph's grandfather, the previous king of Imanity who passed away before the start of the series.

Appearance Edit

His portrait resembles the picture of a king that is used on playing cards such as blackjack and poker cards.

Character Edit

Due to his consecutive losses, he is referred to as the "Foolish King" (愚王(ぐおう), Guō) by Imanity, as he consecutively lost to other races, including losing the library of Elchea to Jibril, as well as losing eight times to Werebeasts and lost most of the land of Imanity to them.

It is later revealed that while he really isn't good at games, he understood this and was trying his best to find out other races' winning secrets, and creating chances for the Imanity.

He is the one who planned the king election contest after his death, attempting to find the "best gambler" in Imanity.

Biography Edit

When Stephanie Dola was still young, the King showed her of "The Key to Imanity's Hope".

Over the course of his reign, he constantly lose in a game: A library to a Flugel and his eight time of land pieces to the Warbeast. This earned him a bad reputation.

Due to the Warbeast not erasing his memories about their game, but force the king to keep it to himself as he live, the king finally managed to unlock its secret and exploit the hole in the pledge by writing it on a book, keep it in the vault, and locked the vault until his death.

At his death, instead of directly passing the throne onto her along with the key, he instead issued a "King Election Contest" and make Steph go for it de facto.

It is revealed later that the key he passed on is to the vault he kept the book in, cleaning his reputation to his granddaughter.


"We Imanity are the weakest race in Disboard. But that's why we come up with our own ways to face the strong. We become Wise."

  • "私たち人間は盤上の世界で最も弱い種族である。我々が思い付くしかし、なぜそれはです 強力に直面する私たち自身の方法。私たちは、ワイズとなります。"
  • "Watashitachi ningen wa banjō no sekai de mottomo yowai shuzokudearu. Wareware ga omoitsuku shikashi, naze sorehadesu Kyōryoku ni chokumen suru watashitachi jishin no hōhō. Watashitachiha, waizu to narimasu."

"If your opponent is another human, you're just screwed...screwed...screwed."

  • "相手が別の人間であれば、あなたは単にねじ込んだ...ねじ込み...ねじ込む。"
  • "Aite ga betsu no ningendeareba, anata wa tan'ni nejikonda... Nejikomi... Nejikomu)"


  • The Foolish King's real name is Makoto Dola. This was revealed in the DVD/Blu-ray Vol. 6 Audio Commentary bonus.


Imanity's King

Stephanie's Grandfather telling her she's screwed

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