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The Flügel (天翼種(フリューゲル), Furyūgeru) are the sixth-ranked race of the Ixseed. Their homeland is Avant Heim, a Phantasma acting as a floating city in the sky. The kanji for their name can be read as angels, but Sora noted that they are more alike to demons, as they hold powers of mass-destruction and massacred countless beings during the Great War. It appears that they are an all-female race, just like the Sirens.

After the demise of their creator, the Old Deus Artosh, the race is governed by the Council of Eighteen Wings consisting of 9 Flügel that rule in an oligarchical fashion. In emergency situations, Azril, the Representative of the Winged, has the right to put forth decisions on her own. The Flügel killed numerous Elves in the past, so the elves share a hatred for the Flügel. Flügel are also known as angels of death.


The Flügel have the appearances of young girls in late teens, regardless of their age. True to their name, they have wing-shaped ears and a pair of feathery wings on their waists. Besides, all Flügel shown so far have tattoos on their upper arms. They have a halo decorated with geometric shapes on the side of their head, which will spin or expand when they are using magic. It seems like each of their halos are unique in patterns, and it's mentioned that Azril’s halo is more complex in shape compared to Jibril's.

Their clothes are revealing and asymmetric in design, exposing their shoulders, midriff and thighs. During the Love or Loved 2 game, Sora remarked that Jibril doesn't have much to protect herself with.



"An Immanity who cannot think, a Werebeast who has no senses, a Flügel who doesn't know how to fight, a Siren who is not attractive at all, an Ex-Machina unit who fails to learn..."

---Nýi Tilvilg, emphasize each races' vital elements.

God-killers: As the Flügel were created to kill gods, their very body can easily break physical laws. They have superhuman strength and reflex, and are capable of unassisted flight in great speed. During a fight, they can fire magical blasts almost endlessly. Other than higher ranking Ixseeds, very few could actually hope to match them in combat.

Magic Capability: Due to having very strong affinity to magic, they are capable of using a wide range of magic and spells, while also able to detect elementals and magic uses in the vicinity. Although not being able to match the Elves in sophistication, their sheer power and near-bottomless capacity more than made up for it. One of their signature magic is Teleportation, which allows them to effortlessly teleport into anywhere they can see, or where they have visited. This made them a serious threat during the Great War, as they can practically show up and wreak havoc without warning anytime, anywhere.

Heavenly Smite: The Flügel's only named attack and their trump card. It is an attack spell formed by concentrating all Elementals nearby, powerful enough to destroy the former Elven capital Melriune's magical barrier formed by 3000 mages and level the city itself. In Light Novel Volume 4, Jibril literally split the sea apart with only 5% output. In the Dating Simulator, she was able to continuously flatten the Siren city while it regenerated.

Immortality: The Flügel race is absolutely immortal, possessing an infinite life span. They're immune to all diseases, illnesses, disorders, toxins, impurities, physical and mental interference. Also, they are entirely self-sustained, will never age (always remain in their physical and mental prime) and are immune to aging abilities. Finally, they are almost invulnerable to all harm (including a point blank H-Bomb explosion) and can fully regenerate from almost any damages using the Rite of Restoration.

Immense Knowledge: After the introduction of the Ten Covenants, the Flügel collected books rather than severed heads. They've read a huge number of books and thus have accumulated an immense amount of knowledge. An example would be Jibril who knows more than 700 languages. Therefore, they are very fond of word games, such as Shiritori and Tag shown in the story.

Flügel have no sense of shame, as was shown when Sora used magic in the Tag game against the Flügel. He made a group of them naked, but they continued to chase Sora and Shiro without any hesitation. They only stopped after Sora used magic that made them grope each other.


Sora and Shiro are able to beat the Flügel in a physical flying game of Tag in Light Novel Volume 5 by abusing their lack of information on aerobatic maneuvers, although they later adapt. In both games against Flügel (word materialization and Flying Tag) Sora and Shiro are able to abuse the Flügel's lack of scientific knowledge to win.

After using a Heavenly Smite or Godly Smite at full power, the Flügel will be left in a weakened state, with their appearance regressing into one of a child and in some cases unable to move. It will take as long as 5 years to restore them using the Rite of Restoration in this state, or 50 years naturally.

List of Known Weaknesses

  • Higher Ranked Ixseed
    • Dragonia
      • During the Great War, Jibril alone challenged the Dragonia Lichtengärte, a follower of Reginrave, after noticing the dragon flying in the distance as she was returning to Avant Heim after her raid on the Four Heavenly Kings of Demonia. Provoking the beast, she was subjected to the draconic language, or the “language of creation,” which was utilized as an instantaneous weapon against her: first destroying the area around her, and after a small exchange between the two she was subjected to a disconnection from the Spirit Corridor, and subsequently ripped apart spirit by spirit. This instantly put her out of commission, and would have perished had Azril not secretly followed her. After this, Jibril underwent a rite of restoration within Avant Heim’s restoration treatment chamber for 7 years, being unconscious for more than half of that time. She would later rechallenge and slay Lichtengärte after using multiple Heavenly Smites.
      • In chapter 5, High Card All Raise Part 1, of Practical War Game, it is stated that a single Flügel cannot take on a Dragonia, and that a group of Flügel are needed to overpower a single one due to their overwhelmingly sturdy scales and their space-altering language. Jibril disproves this in chapter 6, High Card All Raise Part 2, but used all of her untapped power do so, and firing multiple Heavenly Smites to pull it off. Needless to say, luck was on her side.
  • Disruption of Spirit Corridor
  • Dhampir Illusions limiting magic usage [ As displayed by Plum, who can negate Fiel’s Magic ]
  • Knowledge as bait


The Flügel were created by Artosh during the Great War to act as living weapons, to kill other Old Deus. The first Flügel is Azril whilst the final and most powerful is Jibril. During the final act of the Great War, Artosh uses all his and the Flügel's strength to release a Godly Smite. This did massive damage, but exposed himself and leaves the majority of the Flügel unable to fight back against the invading waves of Ex-Machina, which came and peel off his Ether. This ensured the Suniaster would not materialize to him. Tet, who was spawned from Riku's imagination and prayers, obtained the Suniaster and became the One True God.

Artosh dies, and Tet reforms the entire world with the Ten Covenants. This means that the Flügel, a race designed to destroy, were left without a purpose. Some of them were even driven to suicide. In order to remedy the despairing situation, Azril commanded all Flügel to dedicated themselves to obtaining knowledge in accordance to Artosh's words, “I can’t understand it, because only the weak are able to. It’s the unknown possibility that I may lose to one stronger than me.”. Artosh's loss is credited to his lack of understanding so the Flügel seek to understand all.

The Immanity's former king's view on the Flügel from seeing Jibril were, "Flügel, the God Slayers created by Artosh, the God of War, didn't collect knowledge for their own interest. It was an act of necessity for them to stay alive, or rather say, to keep themselves from death. As for living weapons without its wielder... are nothing more than empty, living deads wandering around the world. What kind of reasons motivated them to stay alive... No, what kind of proofs they had shown to us that prove they are "living?"

After the declaration of the Ten Covenants, the Flügel began collecting knowledge all over Disboard by robbing the other races of their books. As Disboard is a world without printing technology, these robbed books were not easy to replace. When their homeland became stacked with books, the Flügel passed a law to share the books among themselves.

Form of Government

The Flügel have The Council of 18 Wings as their main form of government, all major decisions regarding the race must be taken to the council. There are a total of 9 council members with Azril being the leader as she is the First Individual.

List of Known Members

Name Image
Azril (アズリール, Azurīru) Azriel Light Novel.png
Rafil (ラフィール, Rafaeru) Raphael profile.jpg
Jibril (ジブリール, Jiburīru) Jibril profile.png


  • Flügel means wing or wings in German.
  • Being weapons of war, the Flügel are believed to not possess the emotion of love (or rather not truly able to grasp its meaning). They do seem to have the rest of the wide range of emotions (Mostly bloodlust and curiosity) .
  • The Flügel are known to have collected the skulls of their slain enemies. Although they now mainly collect books due to the implementation of the Ten Covenants, the skulls are still displayed within their homes, as noted by the skulls in Jibril's library.
  • All the Flügel may have names ending with the "eel" sound, considering Jibril and Azril do and a random Flügel in Book 6 is named Rafil. It is a reference to angelic names across Abrahamic religions (such as Judaism or Islam), note that Jibril (or Gabriel), Azril and Rafil are names of angels.
  • In the Gaiden story “High Card All Raise Part 2,” it is said that the later a Flügel is created, the more powerful they are then ones created before, however this is only in the strength department. This is due to Artosh’s power that exponentially increases as time goes on. Azril, for example, is the first Flügel, but she can easily overpower Jibril because of other skills she possesses other than raw power.
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