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The Exceed (十六種族(イクシード), Ikushīdo) or Ixseed refers to the 16 sentient races of Disboard whom the Ten Pledges apply to. They are ranked based on their affinity to magic.

No mixing across races is observed in Disboard. The top 6 races are regarded as "Life" (生命, Seimei) and "Living beings" while the bottom 10 races are regarded as "Creatures" (生物, Seibutsu) and "Living things". The split between the top 6 and bottom 10 races represent the difference between heaven and earth, as the "Life" are vastly more powerful than the "Creatures". All races were created by the Old Deus, except Imanity.


Rank Name Japanese Country Race Piece Representative Creator Image
1 Old Deus 神霊種(オールドデウス) N/A → Elchea Federation Pawn Holou Spirit Circuits Holou
2 Phantasma 幻想種(ファンタズマ) Pawn Avant Heim - The Phantasma
3 Elemental 精霊種(エレメンタル) Pawn Elemental
4 Dragonia 龍精種(ドラゴニア) Pawn Vlcsnap-2014-05-05-11h23m57s190
5 Gigant 巨人種(ギガント) Pawn Gigant MtEMreq
6 Flügel 天翼種(フリューゲル) Avant HeimElchea Federation Queen Azriel Artosh Azriel Light Novel
7 Elf 森精種(エルフ) Elven Gard Rook Kanias Fiel Cover
8[1] Dwarf 地精種(ドワーフ) Harden Fell Bishop Veig Drauvnil Okein Light Novel Volume 10 Illustration - 09
9[1] Fairy 妖精種(フェアリー) Pawn
10 Ex-Machina  機凱種(エクスマキナ) N/A → Elchea Federation Bishop Einithi Holou No Game No Life Zero Main Visual - 1 (Larger)
11[1] Demonia 妖魔種(デモニア) Pawn Demon King Demonia
12 Dhampir 吸血種(ダンピール) OceandoElchea Federation Knight Plum Plum in anime
13 Lunamana 月詠種(ルナマナ) The Red Moon Rook
14 Werebeast 獣人種(ワービースト) Eastern FederationElchea Federation Pawn Miko Miko LN
15 Seiren 海棲種(セーレーン) OceandoElchea Federation Knight Laira Amira Cover
16 Imanity 人類種(イマニティ) Elchea KingdomElchea Federation King 『  』 Not created Stephanie Cover

Legendary Figures Edit

  • Old Deus
    • Artosh (God of War), Creator of the Flügels
    • Kanais (God of the Forest), Creator of the Elves
    • Okein (God of the Forge), Creator of the Dwarves
    • Holou (God of Doubt and Trust), Creator of the Ex-Machina
    • Tet (One True God), God of Play
  • Flügel
    • Jibril
      • The Last Flügel / Strongest Flügel
    • Azriel
      • The First Flügel
  • Imanity
    • Blank
    • Corone Dola
      • Queen of Elchea
      • Founder of the Kingdom of Elchea
    • Riku Dola
      • "Spieler"
  • Ex-Machina
    • Schwi Dola
      • "Prayer"
  • Elves
    • Nina Cliffe (Corolla)
      • Eternal Fourth Protection
    • Shinku Nirvalen (Coralla)
      • Aka Si Anse


  • So far, all of the races appeared in the story have their own favored or uniquely-invented games, which became their means to challenge others.
    • Blank, Steph and many Imanitian are familiar with games and toys existed in Japan, albeit with different design. Which include:
      • Chess
      • Poker
      • Dice
      • Ghost Leg
      • Takoyaki Roulette
      • Game of Life
      • Rock, Scissor and Paper
    • Tet and Ex-Machina are basically undefeated in Chess except when against Blank.
    • Werebeast invented electronic games by the use of Holou's power and mechanical boards.
    • Elf use magical cards (Tarot) as a mean of duel when there are disputes between elves.
    • Dwarf prefers games which involves usage of Device, such as robotic fight, to communicate with each other.
    • Flügel have developed materialization Shiritori to challenge different opponents.
    • Dhampir-Seiren alliance modified Laira's mind into a romance game in order to trick Elchea Federation.
    • Plum had a habit of taking other's victory into his advantage in a manner not unlike betting in Horse-racing.

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