The Ex-Machina (機凱種(エクスマキナ), Ekusu Makina) are the 10th race in the Exceed. They appear to be a race of cybernetic life forms that appear in Light Novel Volume 6 and No Game No Life: Zero. They are mentally linked and can be considered one entity by conveying information received by each units to clusters(指揮体) and wider, the administrator(全連結指揮体), callsign Einithi. In a process much like server to computer, their hierarchy is formed by different roles based on the former, a dyfunctional unit can be separated from the commander. As they usually designate each other with complicated numbers, Shuvi is the first named unit and Ymirein being second, both by their respective "unique figure".


"An Imanity who cannot think, a Werebeast who have no senses, a Flugel who don't know how to fight, a Seiren who are not attractive at all, an Ex-machina unit who fail to learn..."

---Nýi Tilwig, emphasize each races' vital elements.

Due to their nature of living in clusters and sharing a linked mind, as well as their AI-like nature, they have superior calculation abilities and communication usually takes no more than 3 seconds. It is said that they are able to replicate any attack launched at them in less than 10 seconds after seeing it. In addition to being able to replicate Azriel's Heavenly Shift near instantly despite their losses; they were even able to reflect an attack from Artosh.

The Ex-Machinas have access to 27,451 artificial weapons stored in their linked arsenal. The 251 algorithm is used to combat foes as a final resort, it is entitled Alles-Lösen, its more common in Ex-Machina that were built for fighting. This is the reason it is surprising to see other Ex-Machina have it built in, as they were made for different purposes. Shuvi is a researcher Ex-Machina with a specific job of calculating their enemies' formations and mathematical probabilities to determine what they will do next. It is stated in the LN that this particular 'armament' or weapon is attached to all Ex-Machina's data but to different degrees. Considering Shuvi only had access to 47 of the 27,451 armaments available, it is hypothesized that this is essentially a last resort for all Ex-Machina. They are able to use magic from the Elementals but only through their chords producing artificial magic. "Keine Eintrag" (German for "No Entry") is one form of magic they use and it is ineffective against large unscaled attacks like a Flugel's Air Strike.

Ex-Machinas also have the ability to perform a Trace Emulator, changing their personalities to a specific "parameter", Shuvi first used this to act like a very lousy mouthed sister but when given instruction to stay shy, she does so. They also can replicate attacks if they have been attacked by it themselves. It is entitled "Enderpokryphen." Shuvi only being a Prüfer, can only reproduce ten percent of the attack inflicted upon her.

List of Natural Known Powers (All power shared by the collective):

  • Ein Sweg (Barrier)
  • Lesen: Enderpokryphen (Duplication of Attack’s at a limited power)
  • Assut Armor [Elemental Burst (Explosion that scatters the elemental)]
  • Dimensional Shift
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Speed, Strength, intellect
  • Inviolable Mathematical Accuracy and Probability Calculations
  • Algorithms for Combating Unknown Forces


Although they are able to replicate and counteract attacks from opponents with ferocity, they are a defensive race in nature. If not provoked, they have no aggression towards the person or group. Therefore, they could potentially lose if they are beaten by the first move or if an unpredictable method they have not seen before is used before they can fully access and correct the situation. It's also notable that something such as Artosh's "Divine Strike" was considered unable to be calculated due to its sheer power, so one can speculate that, while able to reproduce a Flügel's power, they can't match that of an Old Deus.

List of Known Weaknesses:

  • Anti-Army/AOE Spells
  • Higher Ranked Exceed
  • Magic Spells too strong to replicate
  • Human Heart


Before the Great War, they were created by Horou, the god of Doubt, to answer her own endless question. The legend never been spoken. During the great war, the Ex-Machina maintained a non-intervention policy with two exceptions. The first was a skirmish with a small party of Dragonia, which lead to Shuvi Dola redirecting enemy fire at, and destroying, Riku’s Village. The second occurred after Shuvi shared her “heart” with the Ex-Machina’s collective mind, during the battle she lost against the Flügel, Jibril, which motivated an approximate 15,000 Ex-Machina units lead by Einithi to aid in the Spieler's crusade. By Keeping all combat personals occupied and slaying Artosh, the Ex-Machina enabled Riku to summon the Star Cup.

Despite the end of war and the beginning of the Ten Pledges, the cybernetic entity never found achievement: Only 5 female units including Ymirein escaped their opponents while others 4802 units was literally evaporated under their arsenals. Almost all of the rest 9177 unit perished in their encounter with the god of War and his Valkyries. Most of all, the one they loved are gone forever. Leaving the few survivors of entire 10th race wandering around the world which they created, with their intelligential part permanently broken. Bounded by a hardware lock: find their loved one even in the cost of extinction.


  • The Ex-Machina are considered to be the only race other than the Flügel to kill an Old Deus during the Great War
  • The Ex-Machina's robotic habit of adding "Statements" before their sentences is similar to Horou's way of speaking. Likely because Horou herself is the creator of the Ex-Machina.
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