Elven Gard (エルヴン・ガルド, Eruvun Garudo) is the largest nation on Disboard, and the nation of Elves. It stretches across three different continents and has fifty-two states. Kanias, the God of Forest and creator of Elves, conquered those territories and built his own civilization. It was one of the main warring states pitting against the Dwarf-based Harden Fell and Flugel's Avant Heim for their respective maker. The God of Forest ruled Elven Gard himself during the Great War, only to be replaced by the Council of Elders after Kainasu's "ascension" as Old Deus. It has been implied that Elven Gard was founded by Shinku Nilvalen and Nina Clive as their game to define their marital status.

Although Elven Gard is proclaimed as democratic, elves in the country often have slaves from other races, with all memberships of the ruling Elder Council are inherited within noble families, rather than democratically elected. The House of Representatives and the Senate, in which Feel Nirvalen is affiliated to the latter, have become puppet authorities under the Council. Elves also mistreat other races such as Imanity and Fairy to the point of death for various reasons, even extortions between elves are phenomenal.

According to Fi, the political struggle within Elven Gard are divided into two factions --- the Council of Elders which remained to be the highest authority, and Consultants which is the political entity of powerful Race Representative-candidates and being supported by mass. With Fi herself decided to betray both factions for her own agenda.

It is known that eight hundred years ago before the Ten Oaths, Jibril destroyed their capital, as well as robbed all of their books about magic, stalling the growth of their magic ability for a long time.

Trivia Edit

Elven Gard shares many traits with the United States of America [1]. Both are independent nations separated from a conceptually larger deity with territories made up by around 50 states. The latter only abolish slavery in the 19th century, Also as the main warring nation in the last great war, and currently remain military powerful.

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