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Near the end of The Great War, the Elf race constructed a research and development facility for purpose of creating and testing new magic weaponry. This was a vital facility in creating the Áka Si Anse, a large scale weapon in an attempt to completely destroy their enemies, especially the great Phantasma, Avant Heim.

In order to prevent condensed magic from leaking out, Kainas created protective glyph trappers in order to maintain the energy flow. It was however not made from Elvish magic, and instead a new type of Old Deus magic that had never been utilized before.

Most of the development information was hidden by encrypting the specificities of the Aka Si Anse. It was done so by the order of Nina Clive, and Think Nirvalen in order to also protect herself.

Despite their efforts, the Dwarf race had already built a Dwarf Development Facility themselves to develop the E-Bomb, which was an even more powerful weapon.

Due to the secrecy, they focused greatly on ground security, in order to preserve the information from intruders and air strikes like those from the Flugels.


Primarily used to develop the Aka Si Anse in order to refine, focus, and heighten the power of the Elves spiritual magic. It also was used as an alternative backup for Kainas in the event of an attack, so that his Old Deus magic was stored and could either be used to protect the Elves, or used to finish off the enemy while Kainas was weak.

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