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The Elves (森精種(エルフ), Erufu) are the seventh ranked race of the Exceed and were created by Kainath, the Forest God. Their homeland is Elven Gard, the largest nation on Disboard.

Though the elf country is democratic with the largest families within the council of elders, they often have slaves from other races to serve them from within the conquered territories they have claimed or from bets that have been lost, this often results in generational slave families living with their owner families for life such as Chlammy Zell lives with Fiel Nirvalen. It is noted that there are currently 2 factions within Elven Gard, the council of elders and the Hero of Elves, who was not given much detail other than the Hero of Elves has the support of the Elven people, while the council is trying to gain more power over the people.



The Elves have the highest affinity to magic among the "Creature" races and are often synonymous with magic. They are the only Creature Form race capable of casting multiple spells at once. This advantage has allowed them an edge in games against other Creature Form races, due to their unmatched usage of magic as a way to cheat and manipulate games. Jibril once commented that while Elven spells are insignificant in power compared to the Flügel's magic, she can't match them in sophistication.

During The Great War, their magical prowess allowed them to become one of the dominant powers shaping the battlefield. Their magnum opus are the Spirit-Breaking Rites, 5 spells developed by Think Nirvalen using the blessings of their creator, Kainath. The most prominent among them was Aka Si Anse, one of the most destructive superweapons that contributed in ending the war, along with E-Bomb, Heaven's Strike and Far Cry.

The natural talent of an Elf is correlated to their ability to cast multiple spells at once. Talented Elves can maintain multiple spells, becoming duo or tri-casters, which according to Volume 5, makes up the majority of the Elven nobility. However, the famous house of Nirvalen gave birth to some of the finest Elves to ever exist, such as Fiel Nirvalen (hex-caster) and Think Nirvalen (octo-caster). Both of them possess magical abilities that scrape the echelon of legend among the Elves.

List of Known Natural Powers:

  • Developed connection with spirit circuits
  • Ability to develop complex magical rites
  • Highest affinity of magic among "creature" Ixseeds
  • Long Life Span
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to maintain multiple spells
  • Thermoregulate people, places, or items
  • Purify items
  • Compress items
  • Elemental Physical State Manipulation


Certain situations such as the video games of the Werebeasts can nullify their magical advantage and level the playing field. Without their connection to the spirit circuits, they are unable to use magic and they have little to no physical capabilities. This is shown in No Game No Life: Zero when the spirit circuits were destroyed, leaving them completely powerless.

Also, when there are large amount of elemental flux happening in vicinity (like powerful magic being cast successively), Elves might fall into a state of intoxication due to their high affinity to magic, which was what happened to Fiel during the events of Volume 8. This phenomenon is aptly named "Elf Drunkenness".

Finally, Elves don't use tools and their affinity with tools is horrible. In Volume 10, Fiel crushed her arm when attempting to use a Dwarven hammer, and caused the Spirit Arms robot to fall over head first the moment it started. In Sora's remark, "it's as if they're cursed to be unable to use tools".

List of other known weaknesses:

  • Higher Ranked Ixseed
  • Arrogance
  • Dhampir Illusions can limit spell usage


The Elves were created by Kainath, the Forest God. During the Great War, they rose to power and became one of the 3 dominant forces together with the Dwarves and the Flügels.

At some point of time, the Elves and the Fairies formed an alliance in order to develop magic that could control high-ranking Ixseeds, with the test subject being the Phantasma "Cloud Vortex". However for unknown reasons, the experiment failed and Cloud Vortex went berserk, causing the Flügels to intervene and destroyed every single facilities involved.

Due to the destruction of their facilities and exposure of the Fairy bases, the Elves were forced to spread out their forces for defense. Taking advantage of the situation, the Dwarves sent a fleet of high speed warships to lure the Phantasma "Insein Nebia" into attacking Elves' northern territories, Helluin. The plan backfired, resulting in the Dwarven fleet getting annihilated and the Phantasma captured. However, this was merely a diversion.

After the Elven capital Melriune being put into an exposed position, the main Dwarven fleet led by Lóni Drauvnir launched a full scale assault on the city. During his duel with Think Nirvalen, the latter cast the Ja La Anse rite, which disrupted the flow of spirits above the capital and disabled the entire Dwarven fleet. However, it also knocked a passing Jibril out of the sky. Enraged, she cast the Heaven's Strike upon the city. A squadron of the Elven army consist of 3,000 mages cast a defensive rite intertwined with all their spirits and life force, but their efforts were hopeless. As a result, the entire capital was obliterated together with the Dwarven fleet, while Lóni escaped amidst the chaos. After the destruction, Jibril plundered the capital for all grimoires, resulted in a heavy blow in Elven magic development that took more than 800 years to recover.

As Jibril plundered the capital, Think Nirvalen and Nina Clive fled the city and resided in the new capital Melvolle. 24 years later, a disguised Riku paid them a visit and offered information that turned the tide of war.

After the war-ending final act and establishment of the Ten Covenants, it is implied that Think and Nina founded the Elven Gard, which eventually became the largest nation on Disboard, spanning over all 3 continents and have one-third of all lands under their control.

Form of Government

The Elves have a seemingly complex form of government. With the Nirvalen family only being a congress member, it is assumed that many noble families govern Elven Gard together. The top governing body of Elven Gard seems to be the Elven High Council. The Agent Plenipotentiary of this race goes by the name of Auli-El Violhart.

List of Known Members

Name Image
Nina Clive (ニーナ•クライヴ, Nina Kuraibu) 15726781 1205383846217422 3273281126520418536 n.png
Fiel Nirvalen (フィール・ニルヴァレン, Firu Niruvaren) NGNL5 22.jpg
Think Nirvalen (シンク・ニルヴァレン, Shinku Niruvaren) 15622030 1205383669550773 9214947174747671686 n.png
Fritz (夫立都(フリッツ))
Ron Barthel (ロン・ バーセル)
Kastlet (カストレト)
Noel (ノエ—ル)
Enrich (エンリヒ)


Written in encoded Elvish language

Elvish Cealtisk.png


  • The Nirvalen family is famous all throughout Elven Gard for being ruthless to prisoners and slaves. This has been a common knowledge for at least 6,500 years.
  • Both important Elves appeared in the series so far, Think and Fiel, have obvious yuri tendencies.
  • According to BD Special #5, most Elves are slender in figure and busty individuals like Fiel are subjects of mockery. This is the reason Fiel magically suppressed the growth of Chlammy's busts, resulting in her being flat-chested.
  • Elves are possibly very lustful by nature. During the Great War Simulator game in Volume 8, they hunted orcs to the brink of extinction after Sora's meddling, just to use them as sex slaves.

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