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The Eastern Union Elkian Embassy (東部連合 在エルキア大使館) is a large building stood on the outskirts Elkia City. It housed some of the most important Eastern Union bureaucrats, such as the Werebeast ambassadors Izuna Hatsuse and Ino Hatsuse.

It was the royal castle of Immanity before the former king Makoto Dola lost it in a game with the Werebeasts. After it was converted into an embassy, the castle of Elkia and the Embassy went into a massive construction war against each other over which would look more prestigious, which the Werebeast finally prevailed due to their superior technology. This is the location at which Sora and Shiro first meet Ino and Izuna to discuss『 』's plans for world domination, as well as where the Love or Loved 2 game was held.

Due to the Eastern Union and Elkia Kingdom merging into Commonwealth of Elkia after the events Volume 3, it is uncertain as to what has become of it.

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