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The E-Bomb (髄爆, Zuibaku) is a magical bomb created using inactive (fossilized) Ether from Old Deus, magical circuitry, magical rites, and materials mined from the world. It was an experimental weapon created by the Dwarves near the end of The Great War as the trump card against other races. These powerful warheads can be carried by and launched from Dwarven warships.



Immense Power: It contains the power to kill an Old Deus. It is stated by Riku that the E-Bomb can destroy entire continents, completely destroy the surrounding Elementals, and even kill an Old Deus if unobstructed. While it overpowers the Aka Si Anse, it is only beaten in pure destructive power by Artosh's Godly Smite.


Ten Covenants: Since the Ten Covenants forbid all war and violence, weapons of mass destruction were no exception. There are still E-Bombs in Hardenfell, but they cannot be used as all mechanisms within them were rendered inactive.


Due to Riku's plan, the original plan to test the E-Bomb on the Lucia continent (with intent to completely destroy it) was changed to testing it upon Avant Heim and the Ariena continent, then going to destroy all other races. It was developed in facilities within Hardenfell as well as the Dwarf Development Facility.

Plans to test E-Bomb on Lucia continent

The E-Bomb functions by detonating inactive Ether from Old Deus. At the beginning of the movie, when Riku was receiving data from the dwarves, the E-Bomb was described as using fusion; whether this was referencing nuclear fusion is not clear, but if it was then the E-Bomb could be considered a magically enhanced H-Bomb/Fusion Bomb. The ending suggests this might be true due to the collision of the E-Bombs, Artosh's Heaven's Strike, and the Elvish Aka Si Anse resulted in a small star being formed.

12 E-Bombs were launched during the final act of war.


  • The name of E-Bomb (髄爆, Zuibaku) is a possibly pun on H-Bomb (水爆, Suibaku). 髄 refers to 神髓, the Old Deus' Ether, while 爆 means explosion. It is a literal representation of the weapon's mechanism - detonating inactive (fossilized) Ether.
  • The first monster encountered by Steph, Izuna and Azril in the Labyrinth Of Tribulation used an E-Bomb against them.
  • 『 』 and Nyi modified one of the E-Bombs in display and fielded it during the Spirit Arms Battle against Veig. The Ether inside resonated with Veig's spirit arms and had some very interesting effects on all females.


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