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The Dragonia (龍精種(ドラゴニア), Doragonia) are the fourth-ranked of the Exceed. While a dragon appears in the anime's first episode, it appears much later in the light novels.

Being the mythical dragon themselves, Dragonia was born from the mortal remain of Old Deus.[citation needed] With Aranleif, Hartyrave and Reginrave assumed kingship, the Three had spawned numerous kin except Hartyrave. Aranleif's dragons are noted to be jet-black in color.

During the Great War, Aranleif led his legion into battle while Reginrave's minions avoided conflict. Nevertheless, an unknown Dragonia easily destroyed dozens of Ex-Machina and left a large trail of boiling lava and cinders sprawled across the ground. [citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

In the age of legends, Hartyrave the Armageddon and Artosh the God of War, confronted each other on Blazing Throne, the highest mountain of the world. With both beings renowned as the strongest, Artosh challenged Hartyrave to a duel in order to determine their strength, only for the latter to state the fact that Artosh would never be defeated by "strength". Angered by his defiance, Artosh proceeded the duel and slayed Hartyrave, the fight itself turned Blazing Throne into a massive crater-then-ocean, which renamed to Howling Strait.

During the Great War, the Ex-Machina, including Schwi, had engaged in a large-scale conflict with Aranleif and his seven followers. As the battle came to a close, Aranleif usedFar Cry , his ultimate move, to annihilate the Ex-Machina. In less than a second, the Ex-Machina used the armament Umweg to deflect the attack to prevent further losses. The deflected attack destroyed Riku's village. In the aftermath of the battle, the Ex-Machina lost 1468 units while Aranleif and his seven followers were defeated.

Towards the end of the Great War, the Dragonia joined the Elf and Fairy to form the Elven Alliance, to combat the Dwarven Alliance. While not shown in the movie, eight Dragonias sacrificed themselves to contribute eight Far Cries, which were fired around the same time the elves and dwarves fired their Áka Si Anse and E-bombs.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strengths[edit | edit source]

Being the fourth-ranked race of the Exceeds, Dragonia are very powerful. It was stated by Jibril that it took about 50 Flügel during the war to take down a Dragonia, which clearly illustrates their strength. Despite this vast difference in power, it was said in Volume 5 that Jibril was able to kill a Dragonia single-handedly. This is only possible due to her many attempts, and because she used tools and records made by Shinku Nirvalen and Ronny Drauvnil. She admits it was no easy feat and nearly lost her life many times if not for Azriel healing her constantly.

According to Jibril, Dragonia was, in fact, a trans-dimensional race that exist in multi-universes. This grants dragons many abilities including flight, teleportation and see through past, present and future.

The Dragonia are also capable ofFar Cry, a powerful self-sacrificing attack. It was once used by Aranleif as a death blow to cripple the opposing Ex-Machinas. It is believed to be comparable in strength to the Áka Si Anse and E-bombs.

One of Dragonia's abilities is the draconic language, a magic speech that allowed absolute orders to be given to any kind of phenomenon. If a Dragonia ordered death, life would witness its end, just as any matter would disintegrate with a simple command. That was the power that had its origin in the creation of the world itself, being the first of all languages. Legends speak of "universal language" or "language of creation," but only the Dragonia know its true nature.

In each single Dragonia scale, they have as much Elemental as the Flügel have in their entire body, which means that it's necessary one Flügel to destroy one of they Scale. In cause of this, Flügel needs to be in big groups to kill one Dragonia. According to Jibril discovers in her try to kill one of them alone, Dragonia exist over multiple timelines. If dragons' existence resonating between the three tenses, besides their literally infinite strength, there were no objective ways of killing them.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Despite its scale being one of the most durable material in the world and can regenerate itself by resonate its existence, Dragonia was far from being invulnerable. In fact, Jibril lamented that Dragonia is just a rigid hull that passed between times and spaces, if a crack was made, its damage will resonate in the same process of regeneration. By then, the dragon's own body will destroy itself, albeit Jibril herself suffered great consequence to make it possible.

List of Known Members[edit | edit source]

Name Title Image
Aranleif (焉龍(アランレイヴ), Aranreivu) Aranleif the Ultimate Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.57.44 AM.png
Hartyleif (終龍(ハーティレイヴ), Hātireivu) Hartyleif the Armageddon
Reginleif (智龍(レギンレイ), Reginreivu) Reginleif the Wise
Lichtengärte (リーヒェンゲルテ, rīhiengerute) White Dragon Lichtengärte

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