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Quote Corner.png This is the Utopia that you guys dreamed of, the world on top of a game board, [Disboard]--everything here is decided by a game, even one's life and country borders! Quote Corner2.png
— Tet to the siblings, Beginner

The Boardtop World, Disboard (盤上の世界(ディスボード), Disubōdo) is the world where the primary storyline of No Game No Life takes place. This fantasy world was modified by Tet. After he became the "sole victor" of the war between the Old Deus, thus being granted the title of the One True God, he commanded the 16 different races to end all wars and implemented the Ten Covenants. So far, three main continents have been identified. The Lucia Continent, the neighboring Arienna Continent., and the western Valar Continent. It should be noted that while The Red Moon is considered a part of Disboard that is governed by the Ten Pledges, it is a separate moon not connected to the planet. Disboard was created by Tet to end the war and to decide everything through games and can change and influence the world completely as he wants and can even destroy it

Disboard is neither round nor blue due to the molding and scars of the Great War. It is being entirely held together by the Spirit Circuits, and adjusts reality in order for life to thrive. If viewed from the moon, the chess pieces scattered on the planet appear distorted and stabbing into it.


Map of Disboard

Digital map of Disboard

The map of Disboard during The Great War.


  • In Episode 1 of the Anime series, a hidden link was seen ( where you were able to play a multiple choice quiz. However, as of now, the website only links you to the Kadokawa main page.
  • The term Disboard could have been derived from the two English words, Discord and Board. Discord means a disagreement, so Disboard means a disagreement on a Board(game)
  • The anime shows Disboard to being an almost candy-colored ("happy") reality in comparison to Earth; with Sora and Shiro serving as the comparison (as they had a red tint to them after arrival).