Couronne Dola (コローネ・ドーラ, Koroune Doura), often shortened to Couron (コロン, Koron) by Riku, is one of the colonists in Tet's tale and the self-proclaimed older sister of Riku. She is also the founder of Elchea after the Great War and is Stephanie Dola's direct ancestor. She is the only Imanity who knew about the "179 Ghosts" of Imanity.



Her appearance in the manga and anime is very similar to Stephanie Dola, but her hair is slightly longer and darker in color. She wears aviator goggles on her head. Couronne's outfit has a yellow, white, and brown color scheme. She wears a yellow scarf-like article of clothing. Her sleeves are the same yellow color with exposed shoulders. Couronne's dress is mostly white with brown on the upper half of her body. She wears a brown bag around her waist. Couronne wears long, brown boots with high heels.


She is very attached to Riku, going as far as becoming Riku's sister after he lost his home and family in a conflict between the Ex-machina and Dragonia. She insists on being called "Nee-san" (Sister) to reaffirm their relationship. She cares for Riku, hugging him after Ivan's death and yelling at him for his carelessness when consuming Black Ash to conceal his body elements and permanently damaging his body.

She is very playful. She made sexual innuendos when Riku and Shuvi were found sleeping together with her middle finger penetrating a hole made by her index finger and thumb. She often jokes with him such as when mentioning his virgin status or how he smells.


She is sensitive about some things, for example, she noticed that Shuvi was not Imanity when she first met her.

She seems to be a very skilled ruler of her people (similar to Stephanie) as she is trusted by Riku to look after his people during his campaign to end the war and his death.


Not many weaknesses are known about her but one to be inferred is her family members. She often does not want family members like Riku or Shuvi to leave her, even crying after the couple achieved the world of peace they aimed for. Other than this, no other weaknesses are known.


  • She might be named after the word "colony".
  • In the current storyline, Stephanie still holds the Dola family heirloom, a rock pendant, which holds a picture of Couronne, Riku, and Shuvi in front of their colony. This was later found by Izuna, and Couronne was identified and praised by Steph as "a great queen".

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