Chess is a recurring game found in the No Game No Life (Series). There are different variations aside from regular chess.

Regular Chess Edit

The world of Disboard seems to be fond of chess as it is a recurring game that is played. In Chess, each side has sixteen pieces. A King and a Queen, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, and 8 Pawns. The Race Piece's are made to look like a chess piece in order to challenge Tet. Each side gets one turn and each piece has different limitations.

Live Chess Edit


With the help of Fiel Nirvalen's Elven Magic, the chess pieces are able to have their own will and be life-sized. From this, they are able to betray their own side and convert to the other and are swayed by things such as Shiro's cuteness. They have real wills and won't willingly sacrifice themselves for their players. Unlike regular chess, there can be a chance where there are no turns. It's simply just a war game and a matter of advancing onto the enemy.

Rhythm Chess Edit

In Volume 9 of the light novel, Sora and Shiro challenge the Ex-Machina to a game of Rhythm Chess. Basically, the players have to knock down pieces in accordance with the rhythm of the song Holou is currently performing at her concert. If the players fail to do so, the piece will go back to where it was. Also, every so often there will be an effect strike available.

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