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Blood Break (血壊(けつかい), Kekkai) is an ability exclusive to the Werebeast race and allows for them to bypass all physical capabilities and the laws of physics for a set amount of time.


Izuna using Blood Break when cornered as a trump card

Blood Break can be identified by the iconic red staining of the eyes, hair, fur, and parts of the skin (generally forming an intricate skin pattern on at least the forehead and under the eyes that are unique to each individual). The red color is derived from the person's blood overflowing from either the breaking of the capillaries or from the uncontrollable flow of their blood. After reverting back to his/her original form, the red coloring of their Blood Break form disappears thereby assuming his/her blood returning to the bloodstream.



Blood Break allows the Werebeast race to bypass all of their physical limitations. Their agility and strength are dramatically increased during it and other races may even feel overwhelmed by it. Blood Break also drastically enhances a Werebeast's every senses, as shown when Miko was capable of detecting all movements and flow of magic within a range of 500m, as well as predicting the result of a coin toss through all possibilities and factors.

Besides heightened physical capabilities, Blood Break capable individuals age very slowly. This is best seen in the case of Miko, whom looks like a young woman in early 20s despite being around 60 years old.


Miko after using Blood Break, struggling to stand

The use of Blood Break causes great strain upon the user's body. After using Blood Break, the user finds it difficult to stand or move for a certain amount of time and will remain fatigued depending on the length of time it was in use.

Regardless of the user, it appears to always wear out the user even if they have a great experience with its use. The adverse effect could be somewhat mitigated by skillful redirection of their internal spirit flow, like Sora and Shiro's petting.

Finally, the ability to use Blood Break deteriorates as the individuals age. The elderly Ino said he could only use a few more times in the virtual reality game with reduced strain, and not even a single time in the physical world. When he used Blood Break multiple times in his spirit form, the resulting recoil when he regain his body was so great that he broke down into a bloodied mess.


Blood Break is a rare ability that's passed down genetically. Out of all offspring born from Ino's 30 wives, only Izuna inherited the ability.

In No Game No Life: Zero, a Ghost asked the fellow Werebeast on the Ariena Continent to use Blood Break to break into a local Dwarf facility and obtain secret information.



  • In one of the BD special stories, Ino said that there are only 4 other surviving Blood Break capable individuals outside himself, Izuna and Miko, making the grand total 7.

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