Amira was the acting representative of the Seirens while their queen, Laira, was asleep.


Amira has silky green hair, has snow-white skin that is almost transparent and clear blue eyes. She wears coral jewelry on her body. As a Seiren, she has a mainly humanoid body with dress like fins on her feet and pointed ears.


She has an overall bubbly personality pertaining to the stereotype of the Seirens' blissful yet ignorant nature. Also true to the stereotype, she has a rather flirty and seductive nature as seen by the multiple times she flirts with Sora. She believes that it is best to let out your feelings and emotions rather than bottle them up, as shown when she rooted for Sora and Shiro in tormenting Laira.


As a Seiren, she is believed to possess all the strengths of being a Seiren including seduction magic and cold sleep.




  • Her name in Arabic means "princess".

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