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Alles-Lösen (全典開(アーレス・レーゼン), Āresu Rēsen, Solve Everything) is a skill unique to the Ex-Machina. Also known as the 251 algorithm, it is an algorithm for combating unknown foes according to Schwi. It is more common for Ex-Machina who were built for combat.


It can be implied that this form brings out all 27,451 artificial weapons stored in their linked arsenal. The Ex-Machina transforms himself / herself into to a flying fortress, while their body is shown to be in the center and connected to an abundance of wires.


The sheer firepower of Alles-Lösen

Alles-Lösen is powerful enough to allow Schwi, a mere Prufer unit, to hold her ground against Jibril, one of the strongest Flügel unit for a few minutes. As a result, Jibril deemed Schwi a worthy opponent to be exterminated with her Heavenly Smite in full power.

When Alles-Lösen is activated, the user gain access to a large array of weapons. In the movie, Schwi conjured defensive array utilizing multiple Umweg and Kein-Eintrag, while attacking Jibril with many beam cannons. It has enough firepower to level the surrounding terrain.

However, it appears that using this algorithm causes tremendous strain upon the unit, as seen when part of Schwi's body began to melt from overheating when it was activated.

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