Alles-Lösen (アーレス・レーゼン (Solve Everything)) is a skill-specific to the Ex-Machina. It is an algorithm for combating unknown foes according to Schwi. It is more common for Ex-Machina who were built for combat.

Appearance Edit

It can be implied that this form brings out all 27,451 artificial weapons stored in their linked arsenal. The Ex-Machina is shown to be in the center and connected to an abundance of wires.

Abilities Edit

Alles-Lösen seems to be strong enough for an Ex-Machina to hold their ground against a Flügel albeit for a brief moment. Even Jibril, the strongest of the Flugel race deemed Schwi in this form a threat, even as a Prufer unit, and needed to be exterminated with her Heaven's Strike.

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