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The Áka Si Anse (虛空第零加護(アーカ・シ・アンセ), Āka Shi Anse), also known as Void Zero Protection(虛空第零加護) is one of the Spirit-Breaking Rites developed by Think Nirvalen in the Elf Development Facility during The Great War. Utilizing the blessings of Kainas, the God of Forest, it functions by forcefully modifying the core of a Phantasma, causing it to self-destruct and release a large amount of elementals. This will trigger a chain reaction in all units caught within the vicinity of the spell, causing them to self-destruct in a similar manner and propagate the effect, not unlike a nuclear fission.

Although it is not powerful enough to kill an Old Deus, the spell can cause a Phantasma to self-destruct, making it a formidable weapon against Artosh and the Flügels situated on Avant Heim. It's secondary purpose was to be able to allow a pathway to the Suniaster. Casting Áka Si Anse requires dozens of Elves and at least one commander. It's unknown if the caster's magical ability has any effect upon its power and blast radius.


After returning to Riku's home base, some time later Schwi points out that the location Riku is pondering is where they first met. Riku explains that he's had a hunch that something was off about that place but he couldn't put his finger on it. With the assistance of Schwi, they arrived to their desired location and quickly pointed out certain abnormalities in its condition being far too unharmed compared to the surrounding area. It's discovered that it's a hidden Elven facility for research and development of new spells/weaponry.

Schwi inspected the magical imagery surrounding the area and pointed out that the power emitted from the areas have been tampered with by an Old Deus, specifically Kainas. Both Schwi and Riku first hypothesize that its some sort of protective spell, but quickly realize that they are not protective glyphs or rites of any kind, meaning its an entire new form of how magic is now integrated within the world. Riku points out that this new technology could be extremely destructive, and makes a remark that the Elf race is almost as hell bent on seeing the destruction of the world as the Dwarves.

The Áka Si Anse is then discovered by Riku and is described as a "proof of concept reactor." While Riku can indeed read the Elvish language, he finds it difficult to read certain parts of the file on Áka Si Anse. It is speculated that a new form of secret language was developed so that only a select few could be privy to that information. This is speculated by Schwi who states that its "Most likely written in code... Encrypted..." And mere moments later, both are discovered by the security system, in which Schwi does her best to direct more of the fighting and damage onto herself. This is also when Schwi first displays the Ex-Machina's special skill of being able to analyze and copy an attack after being hit, though only at 10% of the original strength in this case.


According to Practical War Game, the Áka Si Anse is developed by Think Nirvalen as part of her plan to end the war by killing everyone else. The first prototype was developed using the core of captured Insein Nebia and fielded under the Elven capital Melriune, in which Think intended to use it to blow up the center of the capital along with the invading Dwarven fleet led by Lóni Drauvnir. However, it was never activated as Jibril leveled the capital with her Heavenly Smite before that could happen. This is the reason that Riku and Schwi could discover it years later.

The Elves temporarily became allies with the Fairy's during Riku’s plan to end the war. This is only possible because he played multiple games with Think Nirvalen and told her the Dwarves' plan with the E-Bomb, and their current information on Áka Si Anse.

The Áka Si Anse, Heaven's Strike, Far Cry and E-Bomb were all used to create the Stalemartyr, in accordance to Riku's plan to reveal the Suniaster. 18 instances of the Áka Si Anse were fired during the act.

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