The 48 Sacrifices are people that died before the Ghosts were formed from the last surviving cluster of the Great War that led to Tet becoming the One True God under the command of Riku Dola.

History Edit

Before Tet declared the surviving cluster of Corone Dola as Imanity, humanity existed with no reason to live but only to survive each living day of The Great War.

Families and individuals who survived gathered inside a cave isolated from the other races. With no information or detection to probable danger, a reconnaissance group (Riku as their leader) roams the surrounding area in search of remnants or ruins left behind the other races in order to assess the war.

However, at the places they traveled to lied traps and harmful entities such as Demonia put the group in danger. Having little chance of survival, individuals are left behind to be sacrificed in order for the group to survive. The victims total to 48 hence, the name 48 sacrifices.

48 Sacrifices Edit

When Schwi Dola questioned why humanity survived despite their incapabilities and deemed it incomprehensible that they were still able to exist, this angered Riku which he remarked on how the other races see themselves as higher beings waging war with no regard to Humanity and the consequences they cause. Pushed from the guilt of the recent death of Ivan Zell, he mentioned 47 other names he sacrificed on his orders in order to survive.

The following are those that Riku had ordered to die in order for the others to live which he mentioned to Schwi:

  1. Chad
  2. Anton
  3. Elmer
  4. Cory
  5. Dale
  6. Siris
  7. Ed
  8. Darrell
  9. Dave
  10. Laks
  11. Vin
  12. Eric
  13. Charlie
  14. Thomson
  15. Shinta
  16. Yann
  17. Zaza
  18. Zargo
  19. Clay
  20. Goro
  21. Peter
  22. Arthur
  23. Morg
  24. Kimmy
  25. Datt
  26. Cerel
  27. Vigi
  28. Volly
  29. Ken
  30. Savage
  31. Leroy
  32. Popo
  33. Couthon
  34. Lut
  35. Shigure
  36. Shao
  37. Ulf
  38. Balto
  39. Asso
  40. Kenwood
  41. Peyl
  42. Ahad
  43. Hound
  44. Balrof
  45. Masashi
  46. Memegan
  47. Karim
  48. Ivan

Trivia Edit

  • After a person in the cluster dies, they hang a crystal ornament in order to honor their death.
  • The cluster has a farm in order to feed the families.
  • Ascheto is a phrase which Ivan says when he sacrifices himself, which possibly comes from the word "Asche" which means "what's left if something is burned to nothingness."
  • The sacrifices ended with Ivan Zell. Afterwards, Riku founded the 179 Ghosts.
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